UPDATE ON THE CASA DE DOM INÁCIO - Sent by Peter Waugh - 18th December 2018

Hi fellow pilgrims from Bhutan.

As many of you are aware by now Medium João, aka John of God, has been arrested as a result of multiple sexual abuse allegations. Justice will hopefully be served expeditiously in this realm and beyond.

There are many people directly and indirectly involved who feel very betrayed by what is unfolding here.

We need to be aware of certain factors:

1. It is important to distinguish the man/the medium/the channel with all the potential frailties inherent in the human condition from the healing Entities who have worked through him for the last approximately 65 years to the great benefit of so many. As medium João has always maintained, he heals no-one and that it is God via the good spirits that work through him that do the healing.

2. The Casa remains open as when Medium João is travelling elsewhere. Apparently the meditations and current rooms are particularly strong and many healings are occurring.

3. It is important that we keep our hearts open and send our prayers and compassion to ALL involved without getting swept up in the drama of what is unfolding.

4. Change is inherent in all component things.

All tours for 2019 will still take place and the Casa de José in Wellington continues to operate after Christmas. All are welcome to particpate and lend their support to this work.

May your celebrations of all that Christmas means for you be gentle, peaceful and joyfilled times.


UPDATE ON THE CASA DE DOM INÁCIO - Sent by Peter Waugh - 15th January 2019

Hi Fellow Pilgrims

I hope the year has started gently for you all.

As you might be aware there has recently been a lot of of international and some local media coverage re the investigation into sexual abuse charges against Medium João. Some parts accurate some pure journalism spin. If you are not aware of the background to what has happened please refer to the statement we sent out in December: Update on the Casa de Dom Inácio

For those interested, below is a report from some fellow tour leaders who have recently led a group to the Casa. I shall be continuing to travel to the Casa in Brazil and to support anyone who wishes to travel with me.


UPDATE ON THE CASA DE DOM INÁCIO - Sent by Peter Waugh - 31st January 2019

Hi Fellow Pilgrims

The latest update. Good news.


There was a talk at The Casa this morning to clarify the situation:

The Casa will NOT close. It has been a struggle because the numbers of visitors has dropped, but it will be kept open. 21 employees have been let go, and it may be necessary to let more go. Use of electricity has been reduced by using less lights and AC at times. It may be necessary to only on Sunday close the Café, and Crystal Beds, but The Casa will still be open until noon as usual. Everything is functioning normally otherwise.

For those of you who don't know, The Current Sessions are all happening as it was when Joao was traveling. And lines are going through with each putting requests in the basket and receiving blessings and healing from The Entities. Spontaneous surgeries are happening.

Donations are welcome and can be put in the donation box, or given to Hamilton in the office directly. Or by credit card in the Casa Shop. International wires cannot be accepted at this time, but this will be resolved soon.

The Herb production has been shut down temporarily. The manufacturing building has to be remodeled to bring it up to code, and a new license issued. Production of Herbs will begin again in March or April. Herbs will be given directly at the casa pharmacy by presenting the photo there or in person.